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The Three Sisters

Hadibah, Maslinda and Nadiah who hailed from Johor turned  professional and became food entrepreneurs to showcase the family’s traditional Malaysian cuisine.  

In our culture, food is central to honour and welcome guests. The sisters kept to their believe that delicious home-cooked meals are essential to keeping us together.

Today, they embark on sharing their family signature cooking pastes as the main ingredient for a successful quick Malaysian dish preparation. SURI Gourmet has created four different types of exotic cooking pastes mixed with the best Malaysian herbs and spices.  

The cooking tradition is kept alive with the advancement of culinary technology. You can now purchase the cooking pastes from the family’s original recipes to savour authentic home-cooked meals in a simple way.

High Quality Cooking Pastes

SURI Gourmet produces high quality cooking pastes. We preserve authentic taste, quality and today we offer you the convenience of preparing home-cooked meals.  Ready to serve!

Why SURI Gourmet Paste:

  • Versatility. The pastes can be prepared with different menu ideas. One paste can be used as a base for other dishes. 
  • Convenience. No more messy, lengthy preparation time. Heat up the paste and enjoy your journey to easy-peasy cooking. Pack it for your next trip and enjoy Malaysian food wherever you go.
  • Cook to impress. Assure your family and guests are not bored of waiting for your food to be served.  Our cooking paste is formulated ready-to-serve within minutes while preserving the traditional flavours of Malaysian cuisine.
  • Best and freshest ingredients. We preserve quality and authenticity by handpicking our source of supply using locally grown herbs and spices which have high nutritional value.

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