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Product is considered spoiled if the primary packaging (aluminium pouch) is found bloated, torn or leaked. You may as well check the AOTT (Appearance, Odor, Texture, Taste) of the product.  Naturally, you can tell the condition of the product from these attributes. Please do not consume spoiled product. 

The Best Before date is stamped at the back of the secondary packaging (zipper pouch). SURI Gourmet products are shelf-stable without opening. You may keep an opened packaging in refrigerator at temperature of 1-4 degress Celcius. It’s best to finish the product once opened.


Depending on quantity, we may use layers of bubble wrap or a box to pack the products. “Fragile” label will be used to indicate parcel handling requirement by our shipping partner. Don’t worry, it’s a rare event that our parcel arrived broken or damaged.

We will replace with a new parcel! Just show us a proof of damaged product and your purchase receipt. Contact us immediately at or Whatsapp us at +6011 5770 5037.

(Applicable for purchase from SURI Gourmet official website and e-market only. Subject to Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions)

We recognise the needs of our customers, who have allergies or sensitivities to nuts, gluten, seafood, etc. SURI Gourmet always disclose all ingredients and allergen information on our labels. If you are still unsure, we will answer any questions and will help you to decide what products you can safely consume. Contact us at or Whatsapp us at +6011 5770 5037. We are more than happy to help!

Love this question! Like you, we’re always looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. That’s why we’re continually working to increase the sustainability of our packaging.

Recyclable items:

  • Zipper Pouch 
  • All glass jars with lids
  • External cardboard cartons

Non-recyclable items:

  • Aluminium pouch
  • Bubble wrap

If you are a retailer or agent and would like to sell SURI Gourmet’s products, you can reach us via call or Whatsapp us at +6011 5770 5037. Our Sales Department will get in touch with you for wholesale prices.

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